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Get your team on the same (web)page. Keep. Find. Discuss.

Kifi is the best way to organize knowledge for yourself or your team.

In addition to managing team knowledge around document files, role-specific tasks and team chat, Kifi brings in a new type of increasingly important knowledge that is anchored to content on the open web. The Kifi service lets employees “Keep” Web pages in “Libraries” that are public or private to the team. Users can also add valuable context, including conversations, ideas and questions, right alongside the web page. With full-text indexing, Kifi we are making it easy to find any Web resource that has been kept by the team.

Many great companies are working in the knowledge management space, including Slack, Convo and Yammer. However, nobody has made a real investment in managing Web content, which is arguably the most important of all, given how much of our work is done via the Web.

So Kifi allows you to:
• Easily keep, tag, and annotate Web pages. Kifi indexes the entire content of that page and makes it available from search, even on Google.
• Collaborate with colleagues by building public, private, or team libraries. All of your libraries of keeps are automatically accessible and searchable by all members as soon as they join. It’s great for onboarding new employees!
• Create contextual chats, each one unique to the page it’s on.

In November, Kifi is introducing Kifi for Teams which includes:
• Easy Collaboration. Create a Library, where you can put all of your research. Updates instantly with any changes by any member of the team.
• Slack integration. Anything you save in a Kifi Library will be automatically channeled on Slack.
• On-Page Chat. If you want to send a single web page to your whole team, you can do that with the click of a button. You can also chat with your whole team at once, in context on the page.
• Full-text Search. Everything your team members collect is easily found right in Google using our Chrome and Firefox extensions, or in our mobile apps.
• Privacy settings: You can control whether your team libraries are public or private, and which team members are collaborators. Some of our users who have many clients themselves have found this one of the most useful features, because it enables them to share ideas and content with clients.

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Recruit AI by Ribbon

Recruit AI by Ribbon
Recruit AI by Ribbon

Screen candidates 24/7 with natural-sounding AI

Revolutionize your interview process with Recruit AI by Ribbon, a cutting-edge AI-powered solution designed to streamline your hiring efforts. With its natural-sounding AI technology, Recruit AI offers a seamless and efficient way to screen candidates round the clock, providing you with instant interview summaries to help you identify your ideal hires faster than ever before.

Key Features:

- Conduct screening interviews effortlessly with Recruit AI's natural-sounding AI voice interviewer
- Screen candidates 24/7, ensuring that you never miss out on top talent
- Receive instant interview summaries to make informed hiring decisions quickly
- Candidates can enjoy the flexibility of interviewing at their convenience
- Each candidate receives personalized feedback after their interview, enhancing their experience and engagement


- Save time and resources by automating the screening process
- Identify top candidates efficiently and effectively
- Improve candidate experience with personalized feedback
- Accelerate your hiring process and secure your dream hires swiftly

With Recruit AI, you can take your recruitment process to the next level, leveraging the power of AI to optimize your hiring strategy and find the perfect fit for your team. Say goodbye to tedious screening processes and hello to a more streamlined and effective approach to hiring with Recruit AI by Ribbon.

Location: London, UK

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