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The social content pipeline for storytellers

Kilo is a product formed by Vulcan, a creative team with a track-record of secretly creating billion-dollar software products and the modern highlights of tech for Amazon, Intel, Serverless, and more.

The current state of social networking is a tangle of toxicity and noise. We make intelligent, easy-to-use tools to cut out the cruft, for those who approach social as marketers.

Location: Londonderry, United States of America

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Ladder: Daily Wellness Tracker

Ladder: Daily Wellness Tracker
Ladder: Daily Wellness Tracker

Mental health powered by data

Ladder is your personalized mental wellness app that tracks how your actions, emotions, and thoughts impact your well-being. Build habits with an activity tracker, develop awareness with a CBT-based journal, and get actionable insights powered by data.

Our app focuses on helping you answer the most important question:

"How do the things I do impact my well-being?"

It was built to answer this question. We use machine learning to quantify how factors impact your mood levels and let you know what you can do about it.

Our goal is to you foster more self-efficacy and advocacy, to live healthier, happier lives.

Location: Washington DC, United States

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Ladder: Daily Wellness Tracker Latest Tweets

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