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Universal Community Planning Tool

Universal Community Planning Tool
Universal Community Planning Tool

The Universal Community Planning Tool (UCPT) is intended to help communities create a local, data-informed vision about their current needs by meaningfully and transparently engaging all residents.

Nationally accredited local health departments are required to conduct a Community Needs Assessment and address those needs in a Community Health Improvement Plan. This plan is supposed to engage the community and improve our population health outcomes. The last iteration of the Community Health Improvement Plan for Garrett County had less than ½ of 1 % of the total population involved in the process. Those that were involved were the same directors and leaders that have written plans like these for decades with little to no input from the people who the plan is intended to serve. This is the type of bureaucratic practice that perpetuates the health inequities and disparities in a community. We found a way to increase equity and build capacity exponentially in our county.

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