Knowies vs Riffiti



The smarter way to save any content on the web.

Knowies is the smarter way to save and share any content on the web. It is designed to help you store those endless open tabs in a user- and privacy-friendly way.

It’s a space for organizing thoughts, growing knowledge, and sharing the best of the internet with fellow experts, teams, and friends. A social bookmarking tool for everyone, everywhere.

Key Features:
- Mobile APP iOS & Android available in stores (Knowies)
- Browser Extension for Chrome, FireFox & Edge (Opera coming soon)
- Personal collections (private or public)
- Group communities (private or public)
- 100% personalizable homepage
- Follow Knowies users
- Import bookmarks
- Direct & Group chat
- Search

* not all features are available on our mobile APP

We appreciate feedback that can help us improve the platform for our users, feel free to reach out to us.

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Express and explore anything via 20-second videos.

Riffiti will bring social learning to the next two billion. It is a short-video mobile platform where anyone can improvise on anything via 20-sec videos. We are growing fast! Get it by "riffiti" on Apple or Google app stores.

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