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We provide intelligent solutions for optimized movement of freight in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Komodal provides smart solutions for the port space. We are currently in development on the first ever universal appointment system for the Port of LA & Long Beach, along with revolutionary app-based solutions that accompany drivers during moves.

Location: Los Angeles, United States

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Open-Source Cloud Platform for Companies and Professionals

Cloud technologies are the basis of agile software development and thus an essential building block for new digital applications. Most companies even rely on several cloud providers to cover different use cases. The biggest challenge of such multi-clouds in the enterprise context: inefficient processes, security-critical practices and unrecorded costs due to additional complexity.

meshcloud helps large enterprises manage multi-clouds efficiently. The platform serves as an organizational orchestration layer that integrates various private and public cloud platforms. This enables employees to quickly access securely configured cloud accounts from multiple vendors such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, manage access rights and maintain control over cloud costs. This not only facilitates the use of multi-clouds, the platform also improves the security of multi-cloud environments by providing a centralized and integrated system for managing all cloud access. meshcloud thus accelerates cloud transformation and enables companies to focus on their core business: the development of digital applications in industries such as automotive, finance and energy.

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