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Heat reflective | Cool roof tiles for your terrace in Chennai

A Cool roof tile is a type of roofing material that reflects sunlight and reduces the temperature in buildings.
Cool roof tiles are a great way to reduce the heat that your house absorbs from the sun.
Cool roof tiles are made up of naturally occurring white minerals with a high solar reflectance index. In simple language, the sunlight that falls on the roof will get reflected back into the atmosphere.

Location: Chennai, India

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Koraki Social Proof

Koraki Social Proof
Koraki Social Proof

Winning customer trust with AI-powered social proof

There are many potential customers visiting your website but leave it because they donโ€™t believe what you say. Building customer trust is the key point for a better conversion rate. You have less than 1 minute to gain their trust and Koraki is here to help you. Now you can turn your website visitor behavior patterns to lead generating notifications and sales pops with advanced AI algorithms of Koraki

Location: Delaware, USA

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