KPI Watchdog vs VAT Calculators

KPI Watchdog

KPI Watchdog
KPI Watchdog

An intelligent reporting tool for your online business

Use our Google Analytics, AdSense, AdWords, Facebook Insights, Wordpress Woocommerce, MySQL database and other API connectors to automatically collect your business data. Create dashboards, reports, compare results from your database with Google Analytics, Facebook or even weather to get the instant visual overview how is your e-shop or e-commerce business doing. Share dashboard or report with your team members or investors. Get notified by intelligent e-mail alerting system

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VAT Calculators

VAT Calculators
VAT Calculators

Add or remove value added tax

The new VAT calculator was established to calculate the Value Added Tax on invoices or receipts, while also providing guides on VAT rates, the Flat Rate Scheme and help-pages. Any business or individual can also access our handy calculator where the VAT rate can be changed. It can then be easily added to a net amount or subtracted from the gross amount.

Location: Taunton, United Kingdom

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