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Build your branded Elearning school & sell courses

Learnyst is like Shopify for education. Using Learnyst educators are generating 30X revenue over investment without worrying about implementation or technology maintenance. With your branded Elearning site you can sell courses & your students can access your courses or assessments anytime anywhere. With Learnyst integrated LMS interface, you can upload course content in the form of videos, PDFs, PPTs and assessments. Some of the key features include - DIY website builder, adaptive video streaming, content hosting, assessment interface, content security, payment gateway integration, custom domain, mobile apps and student analytics.

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All-in-one workspace that replaces your Excel models: single source of truth, >10x faster auditing, >100x faster analytics, better collaboration options and many more cool features!

Modeldrive is an all-in-one workspace that replaces your Excel models. Problems such as mislinking, data inconsistencies, limited collaboration options, and repetitive and time-consuming manual analysis occur far too often when working with spreadsheets. Modeldrive wants to change that by creating a more efficient, accurate, and enjoyable way of working with data.

Location: London, United Kingdom

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