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Letter Friend

Letter Friend
Letter Friend

Set your business apart with the personal touch of truly handwritten letters.

Are you a B2B business?

It costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. But what have you done to WOW your customers lately?

We'll help you set your business apart with the personal touch of truly handwritten letters.

Our 5-star service, custom-tailored campaigns and competitive prices will keep you — and your customers — coming back for more.

Request a quote at letterfriend.com and we'll mail a beautiful sample letter straight to you!

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Tiliq is the next generation of business email.

Tiliq is a modern, more affordable email service for your domains that is bringing email into the 21st century.

Email has been stuck in the stone ages. Out of all of the web technologies in the world, email is the only one that has not had any updates for decades.

With Tiliq, you get the lowest price in the industry, the latest and best technologies to make your email come to life, and the best support available anywhere in the market.

Our marketing is predominately Small and Medium Businesses that are looking to have a fully managed email hosting platform or are looking to switch from either an existing provider or a self-hosted solution.

We also serve companies that don't want to be gouged by high price options that deliver 20-year-old technology and unneeded complexity. Small businesses and startups will be able to quickly set up their employees with email in a number of applications, including desktop and mobile apps with the most advanced security features.

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