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Dokdo Tank

Dokdo Tank
Dokdo Tank

The only all-in-one smart aquarium you can control from around the world.

The Dokdo Tank is a smart aquarium system that provides all the necessary components for you to experience the joy and fun that home aquariums can bring. By eliminating the entire process of having to use multiple vendors for various components needed to have an aquarium, Dokdo Tank allows for an affordable and simple approach in fish keeping. By simplifying the process of setting up a well functioning aquarium, the Dokdo Tank app allows for your experience to become even easier by providing a way for you to manage and maintain your tank's environment from a computer or mobile device. The Dokdo Tank was designed for any person to easily set up and start enjoying their aquariums while meeting the demands any long time aquarium hobbyists would ask for in an all-in-one system.

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