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Libra Bazaar

Libra Bazaar
Libra Bazaar

Buy Couple Coffee Mugs and iPhone Back Covers Online

Buy Online Couple Coffee Mugs, iPhone Case & Cover, Kids School Bags, Sports Water Bottles, Ceramic Coffee Mugs, Kids Dinnerware Set, and more on Libra Bazaar India. Best Online Shopping Sites in India.

Location: Surat, India

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Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool!

Wooclap is a web-based platform that revolutionises the learning and teaching process.
In three easy stages, Wooclap allows you to transform the way you communicate with your learners.
1. Create your questions (multiple choice questions, polls, numerical value questions,matching, word clouds, etc.)
2. Launch your question and invite your learners to connect to the URL displayed on the screen.
3. Collect real-time answers from your learners and interact with them based on these answers.

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