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Lido Learning

India’s best LIVE online classes with expert tutors and max 6 students per class.

For the best learning experience, a student at LIDO LIVE gets FACE-to-FACE interaction in a group of max 6 students with a rockstar teacher to guide them, interactive content to keep them engaged, and a personalised platform to improve results.

Location: Mumbai, India

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Byte sized Indian short stories

When I was a child, my grandma told me stories about brave men and women, mysterious mythological characters, fiercely loyal animals. As I grew up, we moved away and now there is no one to tell these stories to my younger sister. I realized that lots of kids are missing out on centuries of compounded wisdom embedded within these stories. Stories based on Indian history, culture, & heritage. That's when I started working on Varnan- your favourite virtual tale-telling grandma. Subscribe to Varnan, and get an inspirational India short story every weekday!

Location: Bangalore, India

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