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Translate Your Website With One Line of Code

Bablic is a unique website localization solution that makes translating websites an easy, quick and cost-effective process. Bablic helps small businesses translate their websites so they can enter new markets without breaking the bank.

Simply enter your URL on the homepage and select the language you want to add. It starts off with machine translation and you can then manually edit all of the elements you see (text, images, css, forms, error msgs, etc) simply by right-clicking on them in our user-friendly, visual, editor. Once you're happy with the results (which you see in real-time in our editor) simply click Activate Now.

You'll get one line of code which you need to paste onto your header and that's it, your website is fully localized.

Works with all websites, no programming required.

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Free Online Video Maker

LightMV is an online video production platform hosted in the cloud, which helps you create professional videos from your photos in minutes. Create beautiful videos with our library of templates easily than ever before!

Location: HongKong, China

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