Lila Dona vs Money Clouds

Lila Dona

Lila Dona
Lila Dona

High-quality scented wax and scented candles

Lila Dona manufactures handmade scented wax and handmade scented candles. We only use natural vegetable wax and perfume of Grasse.

Location: Seclin, France

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Money Clouds

Money Clouds
Money Clouds

Money Clouds is a free money management platform that enhances and energizes the way you save, share, and spend.

Similar to the widely used envelope system, Money Clouds™ helps customers define and save money for goals outside of his or her primary bank account. Through this method of goal-based saving, research shows you are more likely to save with greater consistency and motivation, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving your goal. But why stop there? Money Clouds makes it easy to connect with family and friends, contribute to the goals of others, and save together for shared savings goals. With inspiration, visualizations, and the social accountability of why you’re saving money, achieving your goals becomes possible.

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