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Empowering Users to become true Owners of the internet

Houm.me is an innovative product that empowers Users of the internet to become true Owners of the internet. Houm helps you create a Digital Home on the internet with legal ownership. You can keep all your digital stuff here absolutely private. Only you can access this.

This would involve every consumer buying a personal domain & hosting it at a place of her or his choice – a completely automated process at houm.me. You can then connect your different online accounts to your digital home & pull all your digital assets into this place on the internet that you own. At Houm, we have worked hard to create this for you. But there's many more features to come. This is just the beginning.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Organise and save web links easily in one single place

Save quickly and easily the web pages you love most to your LinkBocs account. You can reorder, flag and annotate your links as you build up your list. Very useful if you have a competitive intelligence research to make.

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