Highlights by Learning Paths vs Lionseek

Highlights by Learning Paths

Highlights by Learning Paths
Highlights by Learning Paths

Highlight and add private notes across the web

Highlights by Learning Paths chrome extension helps you organise your content across the internet.
Highlight, Tag and add notes to relevant content across the internet.

By syncing and connecting all these across the web pages you visit and the devices you use, it will make your browsing experience better and help you find structure, generate relevant insights from your existing browsing habits. With our dashboard all the data that is relevant to you is one search away.


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We scan the 'for sale' sections of popular forums (luxury watch forums, motorcycle forums, etc) and then organize the data all in one area.

Lionseek is an eCommerce search engine that improves the user experience to search the 'for sale' section of popular online forums.

Over 40,000 enthusiast online forums exist for more than 500M people. For everything imaginable there is a segregated online community forum focused on a specific topic like: Panerai watches, Donzi boats, Jordan sneakers, Vintage firearms, BWM cars, etc.

There are over 150,000 transactions a day that happen within these forums. Many times these items cannot be found anywhere else – not ebay, not google, not amazon. The problem for buyers when looking for an item within these forums is that the software was developed to facilitate discussions and not for eCommerce. Before Lionseek, users would have to read cluster of posts and large amounts of text one post at a time just to find the most relevant data.

Lionseek solves this problem by aggregating all the for sale data across the the top forums and presenting it with the best user experience available. Lionseek has the ability to monitor and organize all, or any number of forums onto a single platform so the user is presented with the most relevant data first and in real-time. We save the user time by giving them access to several hundred sites in one easy to view place.

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