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The best way to manage your household food

Scan. Track. Get Alerts.

Track Everything in your Fridge - Never let your milk spoil, your deli meat get rancid, or your leftovers go bad again!

FreshFridge also tracks your non-perishable items! Canned goods, glass jars, even cleaning products.

Shopping List
Quickly add expired items to the in-app shopping list.

Add all your household items easily by scanning their bar codes and setting their expiration dates.

Get recipe suggestions based on the items in your refrigerator

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Local Ranking

Local Ranking
Local Ranking

Local SEO Tool for optimizing your Google Business Profiles

We built Local Ranking to solve the headaches experienced by Local Businesses and Digital Agencies in managing their GBP locations.

πŸ“ˆ Businesses get recommendations to improve their GBP and track ranking progress over time.

Digital Agencies or businesses who manage multiple GBP locations can benefit from seeing all their listings and data in one dashboard without constantly needing to log in and out of different Google accounts.

With Local Ranking you can:

- Audit unlimited GBP Profiles to find issues and room for improvement
- See Local Search Rankings on a Live GeoGrid and save them to see rankings change visually over time
- Schedule and syndicate Google Posts for multiple locations
- Manage and respond to Google Reviews for multiple locations

🧲 We’re also planning other advanced features for agencies including white label reporting, custom domains and keyword tracking.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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