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AI-Powered Data Visualization in 0.32 seconds.

Experience the future of data visualization with Lychee, where AI meets simplicity.

Tired of all these complex tools in the market when you’re just looking to turn your spreadsheets into graphs? We got you. No complex BS features you have to pay for, no coding skills, no high-tech language. Just your spreadsheets turning to graphs before you open your eyes.

I’m an entrepreneur who focuses on solving the simple problems that others provide too much fluff solutions for.

And that’s how I came up with Lychee.

Lychee was born from a simple realization.

The world of data visualization needed a breath of fresh air. As someone who navigated and used other tools, I understand the frustrations and inefficiencies that often ask for a solution.

I built Lychee as a response to the clutter, the unnecessary complications.

Think of it for a second.

Why should you pay a lot of your hard-earned money for features that you don’t even use?
Why should you go to a platform that’s reserved for the people who know about coding?
Why should you look for an AI instant graph generator that doesn’t even do the job?

Here at Lychee, we fuse the power of AI with the ease everyone deserves.

In a world drowning in complexity, Lychee stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity.

Join us where graphs are instant and complexities are a thing of the past.

Pre-order now for lifetime access before we move it to subscription pricing.

That’s our gift to our legendary customers.

Location: San Diego, United States

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Activewear with built-in resistance that helps you get themost out of your workout time

RXACTIVE's ground-breaking fitness wear features integrated resistance panels that stretch and pull against movement, challenging your body to work harder. The technology, developed at the NYU Langone Medical Center by a team of medical students, designers, and Olympic Athletes, has been shown to activate key muscle groups by an extra 23%, burning up to 14% more calories in the same amount of time.

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