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Share unexpected costs using the power of community.

Eusoh is a new crowd-sharing platform that provides an affordable and transparent way for consumers to share expenses using scalable technology and the power of community in today’s sharing economy.

Eusoh is a new, scalable crowd-sharing platform that provides an affordable and transparent way for people to form groups to share unexpected expenses.

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Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Tradationally handforged damascus knife Series with stainless steel feature from Solingen Germany

From the city of blades, Solingen in Germany, the company Sternsteiger Stahlwaren is releasing their latest creation, the Marcus Aurelius Series.

These unique Damascus knives are hand-forged with 440 layers of folded steel, creating unique Damascus patterns called Raindrops and Twists that stand out in any kitchen.

However, this new series's standout feature is the option for a modern stainless and a traditional non-stainless variant.

The series consists of four knives: A regular western Chef’s knife, a bread knife inspired by the blade of a Japanese saw, a traditional Japanese Nakiri-style knife, and a small vegetable knife inspired by a Japanese Santoku knife. In addition, the series offers a meat fork with the same unique design.

Location: Solingen, Germany

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