MATE. The coolest and most affordable eBike EVER

Danish start-up elevates the world of eBikes by introducing MATE - an electric, smart, foldable and affordable bike

Say hello to the bike of the future.

The 16th of august marks the official launch of the crowdfunding campaign for MATE; the world’s most affordable foldable electricbike.

Introducing MATE: the ultimate in cycling versatility

MATE has a refreshingly sharp design for a foldable eBike and comes available in four different colour options (army green, matte black, metallic red or shiny white). An easy 3 step fold system makes MATE very versatile and mobile. This improved versatility is not only a great way to reduce the chance of theft, but also makes it easy to take with you on public transport or pack it in the trunk of your car for longer journeys.

Powered by either a 250W or 350W motor, MATE can reach a top speed of up to 20mph and gets up to 55 miles on a single charge. A 6 speed computer gives you details and stats about your ride, as well as a handy USB charging functionality for your smart-phone or GPS. For when you feel like using pedal power instead, the 7 speed Shimano gears give you even more versatility.

With front and rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes and all terrain tires, MATE offers a smooth ride, even on rougher surfaces. But the feature that the MATE team is most excited about is the price.

The duo behind the start-up has a vision: to make cycling more accessible to the world, Christian and Julie and they are committed to building a high quality, affordable eBike.

The 16th August marks the launch of their 30 day crowdfunding campaign and the MATE team are offering a massive 70% off MSRP to all campaign backers. With prices of between $599 – $749 USD available for a limited time only, represents a great deal for those looking for an eBike.

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