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MaxSpotter optimizes cloud workloads and reduces bills up to 90%.

MaxSpotter dynamically allocates spot instances for maximum capacity with minimum costs and interruption rates among different instance types, regions and availability zones. MaxSpotter integrates customer’s infrastructure with minimum requirements of user access policies and automates all the lifecycle management of mixed instance types (on-demand, spot) seamlessly. Thus, Maxspotter continuously optimizes cloud workloads and provides up to 90% cost savings by utilizing spot instances without any service interruption.

Location: Ankara, Turkey

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Discover amazing wedding venues around the World! is a bit like Tripadvisor and AirBnB but focussed just on wedding venues around the World. We help couples and wedding venues connect, our growing database of over 30,000 wedding venues around the World allows couples and wedding planners to search and find the perfect wedding venue suited to their budget and taste, users can leave reviews about their experiences of wedding venues helping other couples decide which venues are best suited to them.

Wedding venue owners and managers can create beautiful profiles for their venues and list all the key information about their venues as well as adding photos, promotional videos and brochure downloads.

All of this is available on our website and on our recently launched apps on Android and IOS

With the wedding venue being one of the most expensive financial outlays for a wedding, our goal is to make it easier for couples to find the right wedding and for wedding venues to grow their business successfully online.

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