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MaxSpotter optimizes cloud workloads and reduces bills up to 90%.

MaxSpotter dynamically allocates spot instances for maximum capacity with minimum costs and interruption rates among different instance types, regions and availability zones. MaxSpotter integrates customer’s infrastructure with minimum requirements of user access policies and automates all the lifecycle management of mixed instance types (on-demand, spot) seamlessly. Thus, Maxspotter continuously optimizes cloud workloads and provides up to 90% cost savings by utilizing spot instances without any service interruption.

Location: Ankara, Turkey

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Discover and get early access to world's most exciting startups

StartupBase is a community of makers and entrepreneurs to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. It's a place to discover and get early access to world's most exciting startups.

StartupBase features the best new startups every day. We aim to build a platform for entrepreneurs to show their products to the community of makers and early adopters ready to provide valuable feedback.

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