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Milies is a software development company based in Armenia, partnering with organizations all over the world.

We are a youthful, driven, quality-focused team, ready to go above and beyond to make sure your tech product succeeds - even under the toughest deadlines.

From back-end and front-end developers to DevOps engineers, UI/UX designers, QAs and PMs, we have got you covered!

Web development

Mobile app development

Custom API integrations

Steam marketplace development

DevOps & infrastructure scaling

E-commerce development

MVP development

Blockchain integrations


QA and testing

UI/UX design

Our mission is simple yet profound: to exceed client expectations with efficient, cost-effective software development services. We're more than a team of engineers – we're collaborators, thinkers, and executors, dedicated to connecting, sharing ideas, and executing strategies with you.

What to expect from a partnership with Milies:

Transition from your startup idea to a fully functional enterprise solution

IT specialists to complement your existing tech teams

Detailed, transparent reports and tangible results delivered daily

Punctuality and adherence to all the deadlines

By partnering with us, you not only reduce expenses on extensive outsourcing and consulting teams but also receive superior quality and personalized attention.

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Location: Yerevan, Armenia

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Music Blobs

Music Blobs
Music Blobs

Browse through music that has been on Top 50 charts.

Find the Best New Music

Music Blobs takes a unique approach to cataloging music. It scans popular, free music streaming site's Top 50 charts. When a track experiences success on one of these Top 50 charts, it's added to the catalog. Users help out by uploading music and submitting links they want us to monitor. On top of that, it integrates a lot of features that make your experience better. Music Blobs is a feature-rich, data-driven music catalog built on the shoulders of industry giants.


✓ Amazing user interface
✓ Popular music that has reached the Top 50 on multiple providers
✓ Over 30 genres of music, all filterable by over a dozen filters
✓ Swipe right on a song to view a plethora of metadata including a visualization of the data that caused the song to be added to our catalog
✓ Swipe left on a song to add the song to your Favorites playlist or to share the song
✓ Instant search
✓ Upload new songs by uploading an MP3 or simply submit a link to a SoundCloud, HypeM, or MP3 page
✓ Stunning visualizer with swipeable cards
✓ Sign in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Spotify, a phone number, or an e-mail address
✓ Ability to sync data with Spotify and LastFM
✓ A Favorite playlist that you can re-order and share with a customizable link
✓ A Play History playlist so you can browse through your listening history
✓ A personalized dashboard that only shows you the music you're interested in
✓ Personalized notifications
✓ Media session support for Bluetooth devices and peripherals
✓ RSS feeds for the archaic
✓ Chromecast/Beam support

We Filter out the Not-So-Good Music

By monitoring song popularity on Top 50 charts, we filter out a lot of the not-so-good music. The idea behind the app is that a popular song is more likely to be a good song. Our idea works! You will constantly hear music before it's on the radio. Swipe right on any song to visualize the data that put that song in the catalog or swipe left to add the

Music Blobs is data-driven. It is powered by our users too. You can upload a song or simply share a link and we'll take care of the rest by automatically acquiring metadata from multiple providers. Our users listening patterns help us improve your listening experience even more. With all this data, you can filter music using over a dozen methods.

All the Features you Need

The app has an array of features that will make your listening experience more enjoyable. You can save your favorites, view your play history, customize your recommendations and notifications, and do everything else you would expect from an enterprise-grade music app. Want a new feature? Contact us by connecting with us on any of the social media platforms listed below.

Location: Morristown, United States of America

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