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clovio runs different proprietary media brands through which it connects users with its partners.

Young media startup clovio creates media brands such as Best Reviews and Feeling Lucky that enable it to drive new leads, sales for its partners. With its expert-written content it helps users find the right product or service that best fits their needs. With Best Reviews clovio is creating valuable connections for various software companies, while Feeling Lucky is focused on the online gambling market.

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Automatic Mood Tracker For Better Well-Being

Just as food and fitness, even mood has a huge impact on your overall health. Misü is an automatic mood tracker that uses AI to analyze micro facial expressions (subtle eye squinting or frowning) to give you a better grip on your emotional highs and lows during a day.

It tracks your happiness and anxiety index to give an insight into the reasons behind your mood shifts so that you can manage your work, relationships, and friendships more efficiently. Even though Misü tracks your photos to analyze your mood, it never shares or even stores them anywhere. It takes your privacy utmost seriously.

Location: San Francisco, United States

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