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gini is a poweful and affordable financial planning and growth platform for founders.

gini is a financial planning and growth platform that combines real-time reporting, automated financial projections and fundraising guidance. The software and advisory platform gives founders and their advisors the ability to eliminate wasteful spending, extend the runway, perfect stakeholder reporting and raise money faster.

Key features and capabilities:
Cash flow forecasting: See the impact of plans and different scenarios on your financial projections to decide the best path forward. A 3-way Cash flow forecast will allow you to accurately calculate your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash flow projections.

Live Management Reporting: Create management reports and share business results in a clear, compelling way directly in Google Sheets - a system so ubiquitous everyone uses it. You'll bring together dynamic charts, tables and financial statements effortlessly. Build reports for your next board meeting or for your investors- in minutes, not hours.

Built-in planning tools: Easily plan for future capital investments, fundraising scenarios or changes in headcount easily. See the impact of your potential plans on your financial projections to make the best decisions for your business.

Expert consulting: Access a network of expert advisors here to help you raise capital faster. gini's network of consultants is pre-vetted with 15 to 25+ years of experience in financial planning, financing, fundraising, and investor communications.

Connect your accounting software for reports and models that are always up to date. If you don't currently have accounting software or need bookkeeping support, we can help you with that.

Leverage machine learning to help you project your revenue and costs more accurately. Choose from 6 different advanced analytic calculations including regressions models and averages or customise your own projections, so you can apply the right insights for your financial approach.

Customise everything: all our models are built in Google Sheets with the logic of our calculations exposed, allowing you to easily drill down deeper or build off what we have easily.

Less than a 10-minute set up with a solution built for founders. No finance degree is required. We offer phone, email and online chat support.

Location: Wai Chai, Hong Kong SAR China

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We are dedicated to the task of creating leaders with zeal for and commitment to nation building. We will achieve this by imparting to the aspirants knowledge of governmental and political processes,

The objective of MIT School of Government is to help cut the learning curve that inspires a leader with maturity. The prerogative here is to hone a school of substantial thinkers who understand that every decision needs to be carefully weighed before it is implemented.

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