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We are dedicated to the task of creating leaders with zeal for and commitment to nation building. We will achieve this by imparting to the aspirants knowledge of governmental and political processes,

The objective of MIT School of Government is to help cut the learning curve that inspires a leader with maturity. The prerogative here is to hone a school of substantial thinkers who understand that every decision needs to be carefully weighed before it is implemented.

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Scentiche Perfumes

Scentiche Perfumes
Scentiche Perfumes

We create customized perfume for you!

We strive to create perfumes that let you express your true self, tell your unique story, and make you feel confident.

Through scents and creating a signature perfume, we offer every individual the opportunity to express their innermost selves.

Design your own tailored scent and label your customized perfume.

Location: Port Saeed, United Arab Emirates

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Scentiche Perfumes Latest Tweets

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