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Input Club

Input Club
Input Club

The best tool you’ll use every day.

We make Input Devices. Our latest product that we want to make will be named the K Type Keyboard.

Like all our keyboards, it will have mechanical keyswitches, be fully programmable, and the design will be Open Source. New with the K Type, will be extremely colorful RGB Backlighting using the most advanced LED controller in any keyboard.

This keyboard is for everyone who spends time typing. We want people who spend time writing, playing games, and doing work to love what they do.

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MobiProbe provides performance monitoring service for Android Apps.

We want to help build bug free mobile Apps. Crashes are the biggest pain point in the mobile App development lifecycle. Despite rigorus testing , some crashes and bugs make their way out in the public release of a mobile App.

This is a big pain point for software developers building Apps and businesses who offer their products and services via a mobile App. Since a crash or other bug results in a bad user experience and translates into lost business.

We have created a performance monitoring service for mobile Apps. Which integrates in the source code and sends realtime report to the developer whenever there is a crash in the App, via email. The report contains the detailed crash log, with details of the specific line in the source code where the crash occurred and its cause. Developers can use our service to record the performance log of the App as well.
Since the service is realtime , the developer can quickly release a fix rather than wasting time on testing the entire app from scratch to reproduce the bug/crash. This reduces the turn around time for app update, leading to a better customer experience .

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