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AI-powered eCommerce growth platform

Growing eCommerce brands are spending thousands of dollars every month to acquire new customers. Did you know, it takes 5 purchases from a customer, for you to stay ROI-positive? eCommerce businesses realize the importance of repeat purchases from existing customers. But how do you do this at scale, yet keep messaging personalized?

Enter Retention Marketing - Say Hello to [Moda]

Moda is a customer marketing platform that helps eCommerce brands connect their Shopify store in a single click, and send personalized Emails & SMS to targeted customer segments. Moda's magic under the hood is an enterprise-grade customer data platform that captures & syncs all your customer's interactions in real-time!

Why choose Moda?

- Sync 100+ customer touchpoints - products viewed, carts added, coupons & more
- Send Emails & SMS at scale with 500+ pre-built templates & drag-n-drop editor
- Turn on Flows - Welcome Series, Abandoned Carts, Order Status, Upsells
- 20+ pre-built segments from Loyals, Repeat Buyers, Churn Potentials & more
- Get real-time insights across automation, campaign, and segments to drive growth.

Grab Moda today and turn your 1st-time buyers into permanent buyers without breaking a sweat.

Location: New York, United States

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Chat with dope AI characters and get into some wild role-play scenarios on StoryChan

Chat with dope AI characters and get into some wild role-play scenarios on StoryChan! Whether you're looking for an AI bae or just trying to escape the boring life, StoryChan's got you covered. Pick a character or a vibe and start chatting for free.

We have characters and scenarios for every occasion, both SFW and NSFW:

Chat with your fave characters like Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen, Yae Miko from Genshin Impact or Hermione from Harry Potter.

Experience the thrill of having an affair with a billionare CEO or being in a polyamorous relationship.

Go on an adventure with Rick and Morty or the Fellowship of the Ring.

Unique Features :

Group chats / role-play scenarios : Explore scenarios with multiple characters, from polyamorous relationships to epic adventures.

Quality over quantity : StoryChan has over 10000 AI characters and role-play scenarios to choose from, each one of these was vetted and enhanced by AI to bring you the best AI chat / role-play experience. StoryChan characters come with rich backstories and depth, and the scenarios are creative.

Chat free or even locally :StoryChan has integration with leading cloud-based AI chat services with free tier, but also lets you download and chat with AI character locally on your computer using tools such as SillyTavern.

Download : Most websites make it hard to download AI characters, but on StoryChan you can export and download any character or role-play scenario.

Location: London, UK

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