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Mevinor help healthcare companies to grow fast with our solution

Mevinor is a SaaS company with native salesforce applications for the healthcare industry. Our passion is to develop solutions that fulfill specific business needs in healthcare and extend the capability of the Salesforce platform to meet different challenges. We have experience implementing SaaS solution for Healthcare companies

Location: Singapore, Singapore

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The most advanced corporate card on the market.

We have created the most advanced Mastercard corporate card on the market, from payment to accounting without re-entry.
At each payment, the user receives an SMS that asks him to take a photo of the invoice, he validates and within 5 seconds the expense report is made.
Mooncard integrates an accounting engine that automatically generates accounting entries to all software (SAGE, CEGID, EBP, SAP, Quickbooks ...).
In this way, the financial departments save valuable time since, with one click, all entries are exported.
It is possible to custom the spending rights of Mooncard cards : the manager / administrator can activate or deactivate ATM, select the days of the week of use, which merchant is allowed...
All payments are secured thanks to our partnership with the European insurance leader Allianz.

Location: Paris, France

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