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The Swiss Army Knife of Defi Trading Tools

What is MoonClone and MoonClone Ecosystem?

MOONCLONE is the swiss Army knife of Defi Trading tools Our first release is a token creation bot called MOONCLONE BOT. Teams can purchase a SAFEMOON clone contract, or a custom tokenomics contract by answering a few questions in the MOONCLONE BOT on Telegram. Tokens are deployed to the wallet that purchased the contract. Instructions are then sent on how to add & lock liquidity, and renounce ownership. TOKENPAY is a telegram payment tool that accepts any cryptocurrency listed on pancakeswap to be accepted for products and services. When purchasing MOONCLONE products & services, tokens are traded into MOONCLONE where 5% is added back to liquidity, and 5% is redistributed to holders. TOKENPAY will be available for integration with any telegram channel!

For teams
Have a great token idea, or want to launch a project on BSC? Save time and money by using the MOONCLONE BOT! In less than 5 minutes you can have a token deployed to your wallet address for only 1 BNB. After your token is created our entire MOONCLONE community is alerted that your token is created with links to your website and telegram.

For traders
MOONCLONE community members will get alerts for new tokens, liquidity locks, ownership renounced. Along with a suite of trader tools we are building

Location: New York, United States

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Ultimate open-source web analytics to satisfy all your needs.

⚡️ Swetrix is an ultimate, opensource and privacy focused Google Analytics alternative.

If you have a website, you are probably wondering:
- How many people are visiting it?
- Where are they from? What devices to they use?
- What pages are trending and what are not?
These, and many more, questions Swetrix is able to answer.

It's super easy to set up (or selfhost if you wish) it.

❓ Why Swetrix if there is [name any other web analytics service]?
Yes, there are indeed a lot of great web analytics utilities on the market. Some provide more features, some provide less.

The point of Swetrix is to become a 'de-facto' tool every website owner will use.
As for now, we do provide all (if not more) the features our competitors do.
Need to track unique visitors? Easy.
Teams support? Email reports? Data exports? Boom, done!
Timezones? Browser extensions? Here.

Swetrix is growing every day, a team of greatest developers are working on it.

In short, our features include, but not limited to:
⚡️ Super easy to use, simple and fast dashboard.
📦 Track your custom events, with unique and bounce rate metrics included.
🍪 Fully cookieless yet powerful tracking platform. No need to use Cookie / GDPR banners on your website anymore.
📨 Detailed email reports and GDPR data exports.
🫂 Project sharing and teams support.
🗣 Supports many different languages. Dark/light themes too!
💨 Lightweight tracking script (about 3.5 KB), hosted on a CDN.
🔒 2FA support.
🇪🇺 All the data is stored and processed on servers in the European Union.
📖 Fully open source and self-hostable (via Docker) code. Available on Github -

Location: Vinnytsia, Ukraine

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