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Moxiedeck Software Pvt. Ltd. based in Pune, India, efficiently delivers creative communications, interactive web solutions and digital marketing services.

Moxiedeck Software Pvt. Ltd., based in Pune, India, efficiently delivers creative communications, interactive web solutions, and digital marketing services to its global customers. We execute assignments of various complexities for clients across the globe.
Founded in 2016 as a creative website development company, Moxiedeck has become now a brand of trust for its versatile domain customers.
Our mission is to enhance the business growth of our customers with creative Design and Development to deliver market-defining high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the world.
Our vision is to be a 360-degree partner of choice in the area of IT and Marketing at a global level by providing innovative, trustable, and profitable solutions to our clients.
We specialize in offering an array of impressive services such as eCommerce Services, Web Development, SEO, Website Designing, Software Development, BPO Outsourcing, Graphics Designing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Creating powerful web presence is the popular service offered by moxiedeck for clients in India and across the globe. Team moxiedeck's strength is the ability to creative and effective web presence. Creative and development team based in Pune services clients from India, UK, USA, countries. With over six year’s experience, working with local and global clients, preparing strategically sound design expertise and an exceptional flair for communications. Team moxiedeck have developed a keen sense to develop perfectly suited tools for clients in many key domains.

Location: Pune, India

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Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl? It might be entertaining to guess the gender of your unborn child.

Utilizing the Chinese Gender Calendar is one of the most well-liked old wives' tale techniques.

The Chinese Gender Calendar Chart's precision is under doubt. Some claim that it is more accurate than other techniques for predicting gender. That's been reported to be 70% correct. Some claim that it is 90% accurate.

The Chinese Gender Calendar Chart has no scientific foundation, hence the highest accuracy we can provide is 50%. We issue a warning to anyone using this procedure to conceive a certain gender. There is a 50/50 possibility that you are carrying a boy or a girl, so take this prediction with a grain of salt.

The Chinese Gender Calendar Chart: How Does It Work?
Using the mother's lunar age and the lunar month of conception, this chart forecasts the gender of your unborn child. Many individuals believe that these charts use dates from the Gregorian or Western calendars. The lunar dates, however, are what determine the prognosis. Don't worry if you don't know your lunar dates. This Chinese Gender Calendar Chart has been made simple for you. You only need to:

Please provide your true birthdate.
Type the month of your conception.
Go to Predict Baby's Gender and click.
Our calculator will translate your dates into your lunar dates and provide a final gender prediction after taking your details into account. Let's find out what it is!

The most popular tale is that the chart was created during the Chinese Qing Dynast (1644-1911 A.D.), and it is based on the I Ching, or the “Book of Changes,” and relies upon the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth), Yin and Yang and the Pa Kua (Eight Trigrams). It’s said that the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart was relied upon by the Qing Dynasty imperial family for the gender selection of sons. It was kept in the palace and was not available to the public. At the end of the Qing dynasty, the chart was taken during the Boxers Rebellion by the military, and the documents were then sent to England. They were given to the King, and it was translated into English. The chart later appeared in Austria, and when one Chinese scholar saw it, he copied the content, brought it to Taiwan, and published it in the newspaper in 1972.

We looked for facts to find the true history of the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart, and we couldn’t find any hard evidence to support any of these stories. We see this chart as a purely fun and unfactual way to guess your baby’s gender.

How Accurate is the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart?
The accuracy of the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart is questionable. Some say its accuracy is higher than other gender prediction tools. We’ve read that about 70% accurate. Others say it’s 90% accurate. There is no scientific basis for the Chinese Gender Calendar Chart, so the most we can guarantee is 50%. We caution anyone who is relying on this method to conceive a certain gender. Take this prediction with a grain of salt and know that it’s a 50/50 chance you are carrying either a boy or a girl.

Location: Arkanas, united states

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