NameRobot Toolbox vs VOLTS Battery

NameRobot Toolbox

NameRobot Toolbox
NameRobot Toolbox

Better name generators for startup naming.

NameRobot Toolbox provides 150 name generators that help you find creative name ideas for your startup or product. There are naming tools ranging from the first brainstorming session all the way to check your new name. Create cool names, invented names, creative names or classic names. Use the business name generators with the touch of a button and start your project with an outstanding name.

Location: Munich, Germany

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VOLTS Battery

VOLTS Battery
VOLTS Battery

Volts Battery Ltd. is an innovative company that develops and manufactures home energy storage devices for the home.

The project proposes a paradigm change in the execution of the power supply system for apartments and private households. Home energy storage devices will do for the home what batteries in laptops for personal computers did in their time - they will give autonomy, independence and security. The project is based on unique energy efficiency management algorithms created by the VOLTS team that distinguish our product from traditional backup power systems.

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

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