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Add call-to-action to the links you share to get more engagement

Linkgage is a tool that allow users to promote their products, services, events or anything by adding a branded Call-To-Action to the links they share.

Everyone who clicks your link will see the content & your call-to-actions. Links are also tracked so you can see all the views & clicks your content gets. You can also analyze conversions of each content of the CTA and total engagement to easily compare performance of different CTAs. You can also schedule to auto post links to your favourite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc that helps you share your contents periodically and drives conversions

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Nerd Out App

Nerd Out App
Nerd Out App

A mobile nerd community and event calendar app!

It's a community of nerds! It's all about sharing and attending events with nerds like you! By using a calendar app where you can list and discover events and locations! Events are updated 5 days a week. Nerd Out is the ONLY place for all nerdy events. Listing events like Comic Con, Lightsaber Battles, Geeks Who Drink, Tabletop gaming, Screenings, Trivia & more!

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