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The world's first content broadcasting system.

Netwrks is the world's first content broadcasting system. With close to 1 million edits, Netwrks is rapidly expanding out dataset, and are looking for beta users that would like to participate in this new platform. The Netwrks platform allows users to edit Movies, TV Shows and Online Video Content.

Location: Brooklyn, United States

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SummarizeBot API

SummarizeBot API
SummarizeBot API

AI web data extraction and analysis. Multilingual summarization, keywords and sentiment analysis, multimedia analysis, image and face recognition solutions

SummarizeBot provides cloud services for text and multimedia analysis. It summarizes automatically, extracts important information, keywords and keyphrases from documents, audio and images, turns your content into structured data.

What Makes Us Unique?

- More than 100 languages supported
- AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning technologies used
- Web data extraction tools
- Facebook Messenger and Slack integrations
- Image recognition technology

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