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Move seamlessly between devices

When you use your apps and move to another device, all your apps and content will be readily available for you to resume. Hassle free. ​
With HuTouch:​
1. Move multiple apps at the same time between devices​
2. Continue your content on your most commonly used apps from one device to the other

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Vidalytics is Video Hosting & Analytics For Marketers to Improve Conversions

Our Exclusive Video Conversion Analytics Show You What Messages In Your Videos Make People Buy — So You Can Easily Make Any Video Convert.
We also have video analytic metrics like audience engagement, skips and rewinds.
You can segment any of these by date, first time viewers, repeat viewers, buyers and non-buyers, browser, country, and traffic source, so you can see how different groups of people respond to your video.
Also, If you’re split testing videos (which you should be) with the click of a button you can see two videos’ graph side by side.

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