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NovaBricks is a No-code & Low-code platform, which allows you to create custom business applications, without code.

NovaBricks publishes an aPaaS platform that enables business solutions to be created without code, simply by graphically assembling visual components and functional bricks.

In the face of inflexible standard software and overly complex development projects, NovaBricks is an alternative to creating customized solutions without any programming skills, which are immediately available without deployment. Our platform is aimed at all the actors in the company who wish to create their own applications to meet their daily needs not covered by the traditional Information System: the famous Do It Yourself! On the other hand, it is an agile tool for IT departments who, in their concern to align IT with the needs of the business, are looking for solutions to deliver applications faster and at lower cost. QuickWin, which has become a major issue in the digital transformation of companies, is now possible.

Limiting the use of Excel, collecting and sharing data, computerizing business processes: all use cases are possible. As for the business cases, they are infinite: project management, supplier sourcing, planning management, maintenance management, car or computer fleet management, skills and authorizations management, expense reports... Discover and test our platform on

Location: Lille, France

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web design in kerala

web design in kerala
web design in kerala

Web Design in Kerala is looking to provide businesses in Kerala with insightful Websites with SEO strategy

Web Design in Kerala is looking to provide businesses in Kerala with insightful Websites with SEO strategy. Our trained and talented web developers understand the finer points of Kerala culture and will take the time to understand your business. They are also experienced in handling web design projects in other parts of India and the world. So wherever you are, they will take the time to understand your business and provide a best web design solution. Our web designers are not only designers, they have good knowledge in SEO , Digital marketing, and other web related services. Our website designers are above 5 year experienced in web designing and also they are uptodate with the latest trends and technology. Unlike most Web developers we begin by thinking about the results that our client needs for his or her business. This is vital as it most impacts the effectiveness of the site overall. Once the strategy is clear, we take care of the functional aspects of the website and help you achieve your business goals by providing superior planning, programming, and design skills. Our quality websites offer a 100% uptime guarantee and provide a delightful user experience. Our responsive technology reconfigures based upon the device being used to access your site.

Location: kollam, India

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