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Turn to-do lists into daily work plans

Outplanr turns your to-do lists into real, feasible work plans, that also include time spent on meetings. You can now visualize each person’s workload and assign them new tasks across all projects in one go.
It was designed to turn your to-do list into a clear work plan without effort, making your life easier. Keep projects on track and easily check how much time was spent on each task against your estimates.

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Quick & easy WhatsApp Store Builder

Quiсkzu is an easy to use SaaS-based ordering system that assists small business owners in growing digitally. Order through a single catalogue link without installing any app, and send orders directly on Whatsapp, making the process easy for customers. With Quiсkzu, managing orders does not need any special POS machine, just any mobile device with WhatsApp

Location: Raipur, India

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