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Web app to help you learn notes rather than file them away to be forgotten.

Mem-note is an online note-taking tool which encourages learning and retention. Notes can be quickly converted into a flash card format, with each question being given its own learning schedule. The app encourages frequent review of newly encountered information whilst allowing the user to skip information they feel they already know.

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Outranking Platform

Outranking Platform
Outranking Platform

Research, Write and Optimize Your Content for Higher Organic Traffic is an AI-powered tool that helps to research, write and optimize content for higher organic traffic quickly and efficiently.

Outranking Platform helps in the creation of the best SEO content by conducting in-depth analysis on the user's intent, top-ranking SERPs, questions, and keywords, that can minimize time spent by up to one-tenth.

Content writers, copywriters, SEO managers, agencies, and enterprises can benefit from Outranking Platform capabilities to create better content that really ranks.

Outranking Platform provides actionable insights and step-by-step instructions to help everyone in creating SEO content and performing in-depth research! Regardless of whether you are an expert or not.

Outranking helps in:
1- Researching Content
2- Analyzing SERP
3- Identifying User Intent
4- Writing Targeted Content
5- SEO Optimizing Content

Location: 17009, united states

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