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When data meets trust

Blockchain solution for data integrity and authenticity

Our Software as a Service provides you a scalable, confidential, easy, and simple way to deal with massive data recording through blockchain technology

BLOOCK's main feature includes:

Technologically Interoperability
Technologically Independent
Easy To Use Platform
Highly Scalable Network
Full Privacy By Default
Maximum Cost-Effectiveness
Guaranteed Cost Predictability
Find your blockchain solution today!

Location: Barcelona, Spain

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oVice offers 2D virtual spaces for remote teams, event hosts, and academic institutions allowing them to gather in one space, move, talk, and interact just like in-person.

oVice is a 2-D virtual space where you interact as an avatar and connect with others around you just like in-person. Since it's an open space, it ensures easy and natural communication. So, you can move around, walk, and talk to anyone swiftly with one click of a button. Featuring seamless integration of static objects, plugins, and premade layouts, you can easily customize your space, build rooms, and make it fun and secure for your visitors!

oVice supports a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking for a remote office, an event venue, a university lounge, or even a concert hall, it can be associated with many more use cases!

oVice helps you:

1/ Create All Types of Virtual Spaces
Get your virtual space ready for your guests in no time.

2/ Personalize your Virtual Space
Make it your own by adding customization elements.

3/Foster Both Formal & Casual Online Communication
Have side-conversations, conference meetings, and happy hours happening in 1 space.

4/Connect with a Stable Network
Enjoy hassle-free networking even with average internet speed.

Explore oVice space by visiting our public Tour Space:

*Hop in a 2-week FREE Trial (no advanced payment needed):

Location: Nanao, Japan

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oVice Explainer Video

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