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We're a Dynamic Music Streaming app that allows for a new way for artists to express their creativity and connect with fans

Fignotes is the first ever Dynamic Music Streaming application. Our software allows for dynamic insertion of derivative measures and solos into master versions of an artists recording, and then seamlessly streams this new version/remix back to the end user. For the first time ever, Artists have unlimited numbers of options in terms of how they express themselves, whether it's modifying lyrics, drum beats, guitar riffs, or inserting an entirely new solo into the middle of one of their hits. All the Artist has to do is upload the music, and all the fan has to do is hit play. Fignotes handles the song conversion, compression, cutting, merging, all in the background.

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oVice offers 2D virtual spaces for remote teams, event hosts, and academic institutions allowing them to gather in one space, move, talk, and interact just like in-person.

oVice is a 2-D virtual space where you interact as an avatar and connect with others around you just like in-person. Since it's an open space, it ensures easy and natural communication. So, you can move around, walk, and talk to anyone swiftly with one click of a button. Featuring seamless integration of static objects, plugins, and premade layouts, you can easily customize your space, build rooms, and make it fun and secure for your visitors!

oVice supports a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking for a remote office, an event venue, a university lounge, or even a concert hall, it can be associated with many more use cases!

oVice helps you:

1/ Create All Types of Virtual Spaces
Get your virtual space ready for your guests in no time.

2/ Personalize your Virtual Space
Make it your own by adding customization elements.

3/Foster Both Formal & Casual Online Communication
Have side-conversations, conference meetings, and happy hours happening in 1 space.

4/Connect with a Stable Network
Enjoy hassle-free networking even with average internet speed.

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Location: Nanao, Japan

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