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Finally, pets have a social network that they deserve, tailored specifically for their needs. Obey the pets!

Moofio is a brand new social network for pets and pet lovers, that is available on App Store for free.
It goes like this: First option, sign up as your pet and socialize with it’s behalf. You’ll have a profile page of your own, a newsfeed based on your friends and specific sections for your needs as a pet. Just like your favourite social network. But for pets. Moofio is so much more fun this way. Second option (A great option for “not yet have a pet” pet lovers) sign up as a pet lover. Functionality, the same. But if you have a pet, better to sign up as it. Why being an human in a pet social network? Nobody likes a killjoy. From here on in, you may find helping hands from Moofio’s kind community for your pet’s needs or just browse around adorable puppies, smart-ass cats and all the lovely creatures of mother nature.

In addition to those, on Moofio you can:
Make purpose posts:

- Mating: If you are looking for the soulmate of your pet.
- Adoption: If you need to find a new home for our good friends or if you want to welcome a new member into your family.
- Travel: If you are going on a holiday and unfortunately your pet is not welcomed, therefore it needs a temporary home .
- Lost & Found: If you lost your best friend and worried that you can't find it on your own or if you found somebody else's best friend and want to help it to find its parents.

Join the weekly challenges that we settle every week by making posts with the hashtag of the week (ex: #dancingpet) and compete to become a celebrity of the pet kingdom.

Glamour up your photos with photo filters and virtual stickers.

Here is the animated video of Moofio, in which Argus Finn (Superior Leader of Animal Kingdom) explains why he has created this app. (

You can join this lovely community by downloading the free app from App Store

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With Packenda you and your team can keep track of all parcels and expected deliveries - in real time .

With Packenda you and your team can keep track of all parcels and expected deliveries - in real time . No more loss of information by searching through multiple shipper communications. This save you a tremendous amount of time.

No matter if you add parcels manually or by forwarding shipping confirmation emails, Packenda integrates and aggregates data of shippers worldwide to your parcel agenda. For important deliveries, unusual delays or any other exceptions we will notify you or the right team member.

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