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Learn Spanish with Palteca through methods that are backed by science, enhanced and made possible today using the latest in AI.

Palteca offers an immersive experience in teaching Spanish. All of the lesson content is completely in Spanish. Users are able to read, listen, write, and speak all through functionalities that are made possible by AI.

* SPEAK FROM DAY 1: Using the latest in AI technology, we will give you instant feedback on your pronunciation, and give you a score so you can measure your progress over time
* LEARN HOW TO LEARN A LANGUAGE: Palteca starts by getting you ready to learn how to learn a language. Many people try to learn languages through apps, but grow bored and frustrated when they realize the method isnโ€™t working. Palteca gives you the roadmap to Spanish fluency
* 100% CONTENT THAT IS SPOKEN BY NATIVE SPEAKERS: We use Comprehensible Input (CI), giving you content that is entirely in Spanish. Our curriculum is built to teach you the most important words first, and over the course of the following days/weeks, continue to reinforce these same words through repeated exposure. This makes remembering much easier
* NEVER TRANSLATE AGAIN: Using the latest in AI, we are able to explain words and short phrases using words you already know. And if that still doesn't work, we can create an image for you that depicts the meaning of that word
* TRAIN YOUR EARS: The sounds in Spanish are different from English and other languages. So we will teach you from day 1 how to distinguish between similar-sounding words, giving you the ability to better listen to native speakers


- Learn only useful vocabulary
- Practice speaking with real-time feedback on your pronunciation
- Practice listening
- Practice reading through short stories
- Listen to different accents
- Optional grammar practice to accelerate learning

Location: Madrid, Spain

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Title Display Board

Title Display Board
Title Display Board

TItle Display Board Manufacturer Of Interactive Flat Panel

An interactive flat panel (IFP) is a display screen that incorporates touch-sensitive technology and interactive software to facilitate collaboration and communication in various settings, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and presentation spaces. It is similar to an interactive whiteboard, but with the added benefits of a high-quality display, a sleek design, and a variety of features that enhance user experience and engagement.

Interactive flat panels typically have a large display size, ranging from 55 to 98 inches, and offer high resolution, brightness, and contrast for clear and vibrant visuals. They also feature touch-sensitive technology that allows users to interact with the display using their fingers or a stylus, and some models even support multi-touch and gesture recognition.

The interactive software that comes with IFPs provides a range of tools and features for collaboration and communication, such as digital whiteboarding, annotation, screen sharing, video conferencing, and interactive polling. These tools allow users to work together on projects, share ideas, and engage in interactive learning experiences.

Overall, interactive flat panels are a powerful tool for enhancing communication, collaboration, and engagement in various settings, and they are becoming increasingly popular in education, business, and other fields.

Location: Gandhinagar, India

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