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All-in-One Feedback Management System designed for teams who care about their users.

Parlor organizes all feedback into a single system of record, quantifies the highest impact needs, and automatically closes the loop with your users. We do this in three ways:
1. Collect & Organize Feedback: Aggregate feedback from any source – product, support, or sales – into a single system of record to catalogue critical feedback trends.
Popular features:
β€’ Customizable in-moment surveys
β€’ In-product feature requests & bug reports
β€’ Live chat, Slack, and support ticketing integrations
2. Validate & Prioritize Feedback: Identify the most pervasive and impactful user needs, prioritized by request volume, revenue, and customer sentiment.
Popular features:
β€’ User voting on requests
β€’ Salesforce and JIRA integrations
β€’ Merge similar feedback to clearly quantify impact.
3. Communicate & Educate your users: Parlor closes the loop by automatically communicating progress and improvements back to users as their individual needs are addressed.
Popular features:
β€’ In-app release notes
β€’ Dynamically segmented user cohorts
β€’ Automatic status updates on user requests

Parlor connects directly to the tools that matter, including live chat, ticketing systems, CRMs, JIRA, and Slack. So, you can streamline your tools, simplify your workflow, and unite your teams around your users' needs.

Location: Boston, United States

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Waves Pest Control

Waves Pest Control
Waves Pest Control

Ride The Wave To Expert Pest Control In Florida

Pressure washing before pest treatments removes dirt and organic debris, exposing and sealing potential pest entry points. This preparation ensures that pest control treatments adhere better and are more effective. Pests in Southwest Florida are tough due to our shared climate. Our WaveGuard Protection Plan targets these pests and addresses health concerns from microorganisms like mold and mildew through pressure washing. Learn more about our Waves Guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction. Choose Waves Pest Control for a hassle-free experience and comprehensive pest management in your Southwest Florida home. Let us help make your home pest-free, one wave at a time!

Discover the compelling benefits of WaveGuard, integrating pressure washing with your pest control treatment:

Removes Dirt and Grime: Pressure washing eradicates accumulated dirt, grime, and organic materials that provide a haven for pests, creating a cleaner and less appealing environment for infestation.

Exposes Hidden Problems: A thorough cleaning reveals cracks, gaps, and other potential pest entry points, making it simpler to tackle these vulnerabilities during your pest control process.

Improves Effectiveness of Treatments: Ensuring surfaces are clean helps pest control treatments adhere better and penetrate deeper, boosting the efficiency and duration of their effects.

Reduces Pests’ Habitat: Eliminating webs, nests, and shelters significantly decreases opportunities for pests to thrive, directly enhancing the effectiveness of pest control measures.

Health and Hygiene: Pressure washing removes harmful allergens, mold, and mildew, promoting a healthier living environment for you and your family.

Prevents Recurrence: By removing debris and organic matter that attract pests, pressure washing helps in keeping future infestations at bay.

Cost Efficiency: Combining pressure washing with pest control treatments reduces overall service costs by streamlining the process and minimizing the need for separate providers and visits, saving you both time and money.

Location: Florida, USA

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