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Fit Knowts

Fit Knowts
Fit Knowts

We are like CliffsNotes for health and fitness books, we find the golden nuggets of wisdom buried deep within health and fitness books so that you can learn from the best, in less time.

Fit knowts is a book summary service dedicated to health and fitness. The product was designed and built to help trainers, coaches and athletes stay on top of great research contained in awesome health and fitness books. Fit knowts has made the process of learning from experts in health and fitness faster, easier and more fun.

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Connect Anything, Automate Everything

Parsey helps connect your apps and platforms by pulling important data fields out of transactional emails, attachments, and webhooks. Once extracted, you can format the data and then send it to your preferred CRM or other sales and marketing tools. Our platform integrates thousands of SaaS applications with your specific CRM or Marketing Automation platform, with zero coding required.

Location: Ogden, United States

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