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Business connections builder platform

PartnerMe will expand your business network with clients, investors, cofounders, or any business connections! With the power of machine learning, we are showing you the right potential connections. PartnerMe organises regular events and workshops.

PartnerMe will match you with а business partner from all over the world. If you want to create a business but don’t have the necessary skills or money, we will match you with a like-minded person who will complement your expertise!

You share your profile in PartnerMe, share your project, a video of you, and your skills. You start matching with investors. After chatting with all of them and negotiating with them, you choose one or more.

Find and meet new business people. Make new friendships and connections. Learn and get advice from people like you. PartnerMe will help you expand your business network with clients, investors, cofounders, or any business connection.

PartnerMe provides opportunities for business professionals to network and connect through regular events and workshops. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a freelancer, PartnerMe's events and workshops are an ideal way to grow your professional network and make valuable connections in the business community.

Choose PartnerMe to evolve your next business venture!

Location: London, United Kingdom

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The AirBNB for classes. Learn or teach anything, with real people and live class.

PassionClass is the most advanced new marketplace to learn anything online. It’s like AirBNB, but for classes: from languages to baking, people can share what they know most about. We offer live classes taught by real people, where people teach a subject because they care and know a lot about it. On PassionClass, years of experience matter more than almost anything else.

PassionClass is truly the best place on earth to learn a language. Duolingo sounds great, but do you know anyone who’s actually learned to speak from an app? You need classes, group energy, and human connection to get immersed in a language- an opportunity to come and share and exchange and experience, which is what language is truly about. Our platform fosters this immersive experience, where learners benefit from the dynamic energy of group classes and forge meaningful human connections essential for language proficiency. Yet we offer this for a fraction of the cost of a university, plus, best of all: no grades. Languages are back to being fun, and PassionClass is more than just learning; it's a platform for sharing, exchanging, and experiencing the essence of language. �
PassionClass is also the best place on the internet to learn new skills. Want to learn to bake? Do it here. Want to learn an instrument? Get started right away. Want to share the way you became a chess grandmaster? On PassionClass, you can use your creativity to teach what you’re most passionate about. The collaborative nature of our classes not only enhances learning but also makes it a more socially enriching experience- while also saving you money.

PassionClass is also a leading platform in the realm of creative arts, providing an unmatched opportunity for individuals to explore and cultivate their artistic talents. Whether aspiring painters, musicians, or writers, PassionClass offers a vibrant space where creators can hone their craft under the guidance of experienced instructors. Group classes in creative arts foster a supportive environment where learners can receive feedback, collaborate with peers, and draw inspiration from diverse perspectives. By combining passion with expertise, PassionClass empowers individuals to unleash their creativity, express themselves authentically, and embark on a transformative journey of artistic discovery.

But perhaps the most valuable aspect of PassionClass is the sense of community it fosters. Learning is inherently social, and our platform provides a space for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and support each other. PassionClass is where you'll find your group: if they’re in a class because they care, then you share interests and maybe a natural connection.

A personal tutor can cost $25, $50, $100 or more per hour. By sharing the cost of instruction on PassionClass, individuals can access high-quality learning experiences at a fraction of the price they would pay for one-on-one sessions, while teachers make real money. Plus, reviews of classes let you know whether a class is good or great before you book. This efficient allocation of resources enables PassionClass to offer a wider variety of courses while keeping classes affordable. Additionally, group environments foster peer interaction and collaborative learning, enhancing the overall educational experience. In essence, group classes at PassionClass make quality education accessible to a broader audience, promoting lifelong learning and personal development.

Location: Vienna, Austria

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