Pengu Swim School vs Quality Reviews Inc.

Pengu Swim School

Pengu Swim School
Pengu Swim School

We are one of the most reputed and well established swimming center in Texas.

Well, Pengu Swim School isnโ€™t just another swimming center made to earn profits. We are a family own business; passionate about teaching children the basics of water safety and swimming. We offer a highly dynamic and vivid aquatic facility that promote youngsters to learn the basic lessons of swimming with complete fun.
We offer a unique parents-children interaction environment where they can pair with each other and enjoy some happy moments together. All lessons are conducted by highly experienced and professional swimming instructors to ensure children safety at all times.

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Quality Reviews Inc.

Quality Reviews Inc.
Quality Reviews Inc.

Q-Reviews is a real-time digital engagement platform that gives patients and employees a voice to share their feedback.

Quality Reviews, Inc. enables hospitals and other healthcare provider organizations to collect and manage real-time patient feedback via smartphones and other web-enabled mobile devices. Focusing on service recovery, Quality Reviews' SaaS platform helps healthcare providers improve the experience for patients and their families through actionable patient feedback.

Location: New York, US

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