Periscope Case vs RemoteDream

Periscope Case

Periscope Case
Periscope Case

The Poor Man's GoPro. Just use the camera you already own.

Periscope Case allows the use of your smartphone for action photography. The case snaps to your phone and straps to just about anything. Us the mirrors to change the angle of your camera allowing it to be at a convenient angle. For us casual action photographers, there's no need to fork out for a GoPro. Just use what you already own.

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Find & book the best hotels & hostels to work remote from

RemoteDream is a platform that helps you find and book hotels and hostels that are ideal for remote working
Ideal locations feature
- Quality work spots
- Coworkings
- Community of likeminded people
- Excellent WiFi
- Surf Spots/ Beachfront / Terrace / +

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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