PHP Secure vs Textile Photos

PHP Secure

PHP Secure
PHP Secure

Free vulnerability scanner to secure your PHP code

We’re releasing a groundbreaking new technology for securing your code: PHP Secure.
Every second, a website around the world is hacked. Over 60% of websites are vulnerable to SQL injection. Leakage of personal data, theft of money and even the site destruction - this is what SQL vulnerabilities of your sites and scripts can result in.
PHP Secure is a FREE code scanner that analyzes your pre-deployment PHP code for vulnerabilities. If PHP Secure detects an exploit—SQL injection, XSS, RCE, Shell injection or other vulnerability—it will immediately alert you to the threat.
With PHP Secure, you’ll stop paying an arm and a leg for expensive code security specialists, and you’ll sleep better knowing that your site and data are safe.
The technology behind PHP Secure is improving every day. Our technology is built on a comprehensive database of security vulnerabilities.
If you’re worried about the security of your code or data, it’s time to get PHP Secure—the market’s best code security solution.

Location: Ashkelon, Israel

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Textile Photos

Textile Photos
Textile Photos

A digital wallet for your photos.

Textile Photos is a mobile app that allows users to sync, share, and secure their personal photos using private encryption and the decentralized web.

We believe in a future where we each control our own data. Let's start with photos. Organize your photos across your devices or back them up remotely. Publish your photos to friends, family, or your favorite communities. Your data is stored in a decentralized system designed to last forever.

Textile is built with open source code, the IPFS protocol, and a mission to improve the future of our data. Are you ready to join us?

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