Pindrop Music vs SR Booster

Pindrop Music

Pindrop Music
Pindrop Music

Discover the most appropriate music based on your environment and mood.

Pindrop is a music discovery app which lets you enjoy the music based on your location and mood. Mood is effected by the location and time of the day and our app will help users find the most appropriate playlists based on these parameters.

People can also create and share their playlists. They can also enter any keyword which maybe a mood, genre or anything and we'll find the best music for you.

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SR Booster

SR Booster
SR Booster

Link-building made easy

SR Booster is a streamlined link-building service for startups delivering outstanding results.

We manually list your startup on over 80 relevant startup directories and tech blogs to create valuable backlinks, generate qualified traffic and leads to your website, and boost your Off-Page SEO performance.

As an experienced link-building company, we have worked with startups from all over the world and different industries, adapting our service to their characteristics and needs.

Location: San Diego, United States

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