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PIXIKO.com - online video editor and maker. Edit your video in a couple of clicks online or create your spectacular motion content. Use PIXIKO for your social media, websites and advertising.

Pixiko is a spectacular online video editor and maker. Create stunning content for social media, ads, presentations, or a home album in a few clicks.

Without downloading and installing, without a complex interface, with an instant view of what you made. Animate any text, apply filters, graphic effects, change speed, reverse, loop, move pictures or even the video itself via 1 click.

Not one video for one effect, no compromise, just do all effects (time, graphic, motion, transition) together whatever you want and create something beautiful and crazy. No powerful computers - everything is online on our servers with a notification to the email about readiness.

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Location: Moscow, Russia

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Connected car solution for businesses and consumers to power the future of smart mobility

The ULU solution is an out of the box connected car solution targeted both at consumers and businesses. It consists of a OBD dongle with an always on cellular connection, Mobile apps and Web applications, to automate track and trace, trip logging, monitor vehicle health, improve driving behaviour, monitor how your car is used, when you are not behind the wheel and save on vehicle costs.

For businesses such as insurance companies, leasing companies, car dealerships, we enable them to instantly adopt and leverage connected car as a foundation for new business models, such as usage based insurance, vehicle health monitoring, road side assistance and offer their consumers new connected car services.

All data is collected and interpreted with intelligent algorithms in the ULU cloud and transformed to mobility related information, such as personal mobility advice to consumers, customer risk profiles for insurance companies, predictive maintenance for leasing companies and more.

ULU is available to consumers and businesses as a simple all-in subscription service.

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